Champagne Night Out

Champagne Night Out
Champagne Night Out

Champagne Night Out with Peter Liem! In cooperation with Rietumu Bank.

As the old Riga saying goes … if the dry January (wait, what?) is over, if a little money is saved again in February, then, friends, in March it's time for the annual Champagne festival again!

From us – a feastfule menu in Riviera, a pile of beautiful champagnes, the company of Riga's most passionate champagne lovers, as well as special guests – Peter Liem, our long-time friend and one of the world's leading champagne reviewers, representatives of Champagne houses and growers, as well as the festival founder Nords with stories.

From you – just get the tickets and bring one or more of your favorite champagnes along for a very sparkling end to the evening. Because it's a feast, right?!

Where: Riviera, Old Riga 

Dinner menu: Riviera’s chef is working on this!

Dinner Champagnes: some of the best Houses and Growers (to be confirmed)

When? March 1, 6:30 p.m.

Tickets: EUR 249. First come, first served.

Champagne Night Out