Riga Whisky Festival: Saturday Rum Brunch

Riga Whisky Festival: Saturday Rum Brunch
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Saturday 27. May
Riga (The Left Door Bar) 12:00 21.00 EUR On sale from 01.04 Buy

Join us at The Left Door Bar for a tasting of terrific rums and light lunch. We will have an informal “open-house” (arrive at any time from 12:00 to 15:00) where guests can try a selection of eight different rums while enjoying a lunch buffet and some good music. Industry experts will be there to talk about the rums and help you find your favorite. This is a great chance to sip and learn – the best thing to do at the Riga Whisky Festival. As the event takes place at The Left Door bar, a place well-known for its talented barmen, we might surprise you with a rum cocktail as well!


• Rum brunch (21 €) includes tasting of rums and a light brunch. 

Riga Whisky Festival is a whole weekend of events full of some of the best drinks in the world, delicious food, varied entertainment and, most importantly, people having an excellent time! The festival was created as an event for everyone interested in whisky, from those who want to learn about it for the very first time to those who already enjoy its great flavours and traditions. We believe that no matter what age, income or gender - learning and experiencing new things is wonderful. And this festival is definitely a place to learn while having good time.