Terms and Conditions

Following terms and conditions governing the relationship between SIA EKASE, registration Nr. 50103833371, registration address Strēlnieku iela 1-3, LV-1010, Latvia (hereafter SELLER) and person (hereafter BUYER) apply for using online store www.ekase.lv

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1.1. SELLER is responsible for ETICKETS, MERCHANDISE and MP3 trade.

 1.2. Purchase can be made at any time. Orders of the MERCHANDISE will be processed business days from 10:00 till 17:00. After the order of the MERCHANDISE is received SELLER will notify BUYER the confirmation by sending E-mail to provided address.

 1.3. By using EKASE online store for purchasing ETICKETS, MERCHANDISE and/or MP3 BUYER confirms that 

  • he or she is an individual of at least 18 years of age, has full passive and active legal capacity for using the EKASE (an individual of 7–18 years of age with limited legal capacity states accordingly that he/she has the consent of the lawful representative for using the EKASE services)

  • he or she is a representative of legal entity and has all and any powers to use the EKASE services in the name of that legal entity, and to assume any obligations for that legal entity;

  • he or she respects and complies with all the terms and conditions of use of the EKASE online store;

  • he or she will not use third party’s credit card for purchasing ETICKETS, MERCHANDISE and/or MP3

1.4. BUYER voluntarily provides information about itself, which are necessary for purchase at EKASE. SELLER guarantees the confidentiality of information provided. The registration is not obligatory for making the purchase.

1.5. Any unlawful use of the information for purposes of sale and resale, advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes of EKASE online store content is prohibited without SELLER’s written consent.

1.6. Payment for the purchase is possible with credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard un Maestro) or Swedbank’s Internet bank.

1.7. Any differences that arise between BUYER and SELLER are solved in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

1.8. The fee for using the EKASE online store can be added to the purchase. The fee for using the EKASE online store for different events may vary.


 2.1. SELLER assumes no liability for lost or damaged ETICKETS.

 2.2. In case of concert cancellation, re-scheduling or change of the venue it is EVENT ORGANISERS responsibility to deal with the return and/or compensation of the ETICKETS if not stated otherwise.

     2.2.1. In case of concert cancellation the ticket price is refunded, but the commission fee applied by eKase for the service is not refunded.

2.3. SELLER at online store HYPERLINK "https://www.ekase.lv" www.ekase.lv sells tickets to the events only as ETICKETS in the form of PDF file that is delivered to the e-mail provided by BUYER. It is BUYERs responsibility to print ETICKETS.

2.4. BUYER is given 15 minutes to make a payment for ETICKETS from the moment they are placed in a basket. If the payment has not been done within given time the ticket comes to free trade and BUYER has to start the process of purchasing over again.

2.5. BUYER is able to purchase up to 7 ETICKETS per one purchase occasion.

2.6. Neither SELLER nor EVENT ORGANISER is responsible if the person declaring ETICKET is the same person who purchased the ETICKET and do not take responsibility for the damage caused in such case. Neither SELLER nor EVENT ORGANISER takes responsibility of illegal reproduction of tickets. Only one visitor - the first ETICKET bearer will be admitted in the venue.

2.7. SELLER do not exchange or buy back ETICKETS.

2.8. It is forbidden to perform advertising or marketing activities in the territory of the event that are not coordinated with the Organizer.

2.9. In case of buying ETICKETS with special discount, BUYER must show doscount document (student ID, Friends Card etc.). These ETICKETS are not valid without document. 

2.10. It is forbidden to use the tickets purchased at eKase in advertising or marketing campaigns without the written permission of the event organizer.

2.11. The BUYER is responsible for entering the correct e-mail address; if the e-mail address is entered incorrectly, there is a risk that the ticket will fall into the hands of another person or be sent to a non-existent e-mail address.

      2.11.1. The SELLER is not responsible for the automatic sending of the ticket to an incorrect e-mail address when entered by the BUYER. In this case, the ticket cannot be canceled. New tickets will not be sent instead.

      2.11.2. The BUYER is not entitled to request a refund for the purchased TICKETS if they have not used and / or received them by e-mail. All TICKETS purchased by the BUYER can be viewed and presented from the BUYER's profile on eKase.lv.

 2.12. In case of force majeure and the event is postponed, the purchased ticket is valid for the new date of the event. The organizer is obliged to announce the new date of the event no later than 6 months after the end of the force majeure situation. Ticket repurchases are not made in this case.

      2.12.1. In the event of force majeure and the event cannot be postponed, it will be canceled, the BUYER will be offered to attend another equivalent event of the respective organizer or tickets will be repurchased in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.


The provider of the Ticket Insurance service is Balcia Insurance SE, the policyholder is SIA EKASE, and the insured person is the ticketholder (person attending the event).

  • Insurance providing tailor-made Ticket Insurance solutions.
  • Insurance that covers losses, if an unforeseen event has prohibited the insured person from receiving a service at the time and place indicated in the insured ticket.


  • restrictions determined by the SPKC;
  • an accident at Your Dwelling (not more than 2 days prior to the event);
  • a sudden illness or accident that affects You or Your Relative;
  • Your death or the death of Your Relative;  • an issue with a vehicle;
  • the cancellation or postponement of the service;
  • the cancellation of the service.


Act according to the situation and contact Balcia Insurance SE or fill Claim notification form as soon as possible. You must submit the following:

  • Insured Person’s service ticket;
  • Information about the reason for not being able to receive the service and supporting documents.

Read the Insurance Terms and Conditions and the IPID, and, if necessary, request additional information from Balcia Insurance SE, balcia@balcia.lv or 82222  



 4.1. In accordance with a license agreement between SELLER and AKKA/LAA (Copyright and Communication Consultations Agency/ Latvian Copyright Agency) and Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia BUYER gains rights only for storage of one copy of the MP3 file. For any other reproduction or public performance BUYER must obtain necessary license.

 4.2. Music at EKASE online store is made available with the license given by AKKA/LAA. www.ncb.dk www.akka-laa.lv .


5.1. ETICKET is a PDF file that is delivered to BUYERs e-mail provided to the SELLER. It is BUYERs responsibility to print ETICKETS. It is possible to print ETICKETS also from the online store webpage.

5.2. The delivery of MP3 files are to the BUYERs provided e-mail. After payment is done BUYER can either download the file from the online store webpage or via link sent by SELLER to his/her provided e-mail.

5.3. Purchased MERCHANDISE are delivered to the BUYERs provided address or they can be picked up at Strēlnieku Street 1-3, Riga, LV1010, Latvia during business days from 10:00 17:00. (BUYER should provide receipt stating the payment has been done) SELLER sends the receipt to BUYERs provided e-mail.

5.4. Cost of MERCHANDISE delivery is not included in the price of MERCHANDISE showed at the online store. The cost of the delivery depends on the weight, size and delivery distance. The cost of the delivery is calculated during the purchasing. There is no charge for picking up MERCHANDISE at the address provided in 4.3.

5.5. SELLER manages the delivery of the MERCHANDISE within 5-10 business days after payment is received.

5.6. Deliveries of the MERCHANDISE are made in co-operation with State Joint-Stock Company Latvijas Pasts and according to their stated rates.


6.1. According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia BUYER has rights of the withdrawal that can be used by returning the MERCHANDISE to the SELLER within 14 calendar days. The receipt demonstrating the payment must be provided.

6.2. The right of withdrawal is valid starting from the day BUYER has received the MERCHANDISE or its parts.

6.3. The right of withdrawal does not apply to ETICKETS and MP3 files purchased at Internet Store EKASE.

6.4. BUYER is responsible for the quality of the MERCHANDISE during the withdrawal term. SELLER does have rights to refuse the right of withdrawal or to take compensation if the MERCHANDISE are used or damaged and if the original packaging is missing or substantially damaged.

6.5. BUYER using the right of withdrawal does cover the delivery expenses. (Post service)

6.6. SELLER in case the right of withdrawal does apply compensates BUYER amount equal to the price of the MERCHANDISE as stated at online store EKASE.




According to these Terms and Conditions, personal data is only the data submitted online by the user of EKASE online store. The user confirms that the data is entered voluntarily.  

Data collected:  

- Customer name, mobile phone, email  

- transaction details (form of payment)  

The data is used to ensure successful operation of the EKASE online store (www.ekase.lv) and communication with the customer:  

- purchase processing  

- acceptance of payment  

- Customer support  

- to send order confirmation, delivery, and other purchase-related information  

- for sending EKASE newsletter  

The data may be transferred to:  

- third parties - service providers of EKASE online store - server service providers and IT

- event partners - organizers - for successful service provision. Organizer information is listed on the ticket.  

The user has the right at any time to refuse to receive SIA Ekase's informative mail, as well as to request the deletion of his user profile and data by writing to the e-mail info@ekase.lv .


The sales platform of EKASE (www.ekase.lv) uses cookies.  

Cookies are used to improve content quality, make it easier to use, and tailor to user needs. By using the site, you consent to the use of cookies.  

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer or mobile device during a EKASE visit. Cookies act as a memory for a specific home page, allowing the home page to remember your computer for future visits, including remembering your settings. Cookies are not used to personally identify you.  

The EKASE platform uses cookies to:  

1. Ensure the functionality of the website;  

2. Customize the functionality of the website for your usage habits - including language, search requests, previously viewed content;  

3. To obtain statistics on the flow of visitors to the page - number of visitors, time spent on the page, etc.

4. Show ad information tailored to your needs.  

You can control or delete cookies if you want. Most web browsers can be set to block cookies from being stored on your device. In this case you might have to adjust some settings each time you visit the site, and some services and features may not work on the site. Read more here: https://www.aboutcookies.org


EKASE+ allows any EKASE customer who has purchased e-tickets to some of the EKASE events to put them back on sale. It's a place to resell and buy tickets safely, fairly and comfortably among customers. When placing and/or purchasing an EKASE+ ticket, the customer agrees to the following terms:  

1. To put a ticket on the EKASE+ customer must go to their profile in www.ekase.lv, select the tickets for resale and press the sales confirmation button.  

2. It is not possible to download the ticket placed for resale from the system.  

3. A ticket which has been successfully sold in EKASE+ is prohibited from being resold, including on other digital trading sites.

4. EKASE+ does not guarantee that a ticket placed on the market will be resold.  

5. The ticket owner, or seller, does not have the right to opt out of the ticket if it is not sold and receive a refund.

6. Purchases in EKASE+ is subject to a Commission, which may vary.

6.1. Sales Commission for EKASE+ ticket is shown before ticket is placed on EKASE+.

6.2 When the ticket has been placed in EKASE+, the ticket vendor agrees with the Commission indicated, which will be deducted from the ticket price.

7. The Commission may also be charged from the buyer of the ticket which is shown before making a purchase.

8. The ticket vendor is responsible for removing the ticket from EKASE+ on the day of the event if the ticket has not yet been sold.  

9. Tickets purchased in the EKASE+, like tickets purchased in the EKASE, cannot be exchanged for other tickets or returned for refund.  

10. EKASE+ guarantees that a ticket purchased in EKASE+ will be valid.  

11. Tickets may not be available for resale for some individual events. EKASE+ resale is closed 3 days before the event.  

12. Tickets purchased in EKASE+ are also subject to the standard Terms and Coditions referred to in paragraph 2.  

13. For tickets sold in EKASE+ the funds are transferred within 5-10 business days after the ticket has been sold.  

13.1. The money transfer is made to the bank account specified by the Customer.  

13.2. The bank account must be in one of the banks registered in the Republic of Latvia.

13.3. Funds for resold tickets are not transferred to foreign accounts.


Terms and Conditions for attending public events depend on rules and decisions issued by the authorities, as well as on internal rules issued by event organisers, which may change unpredictably due to the epidemiological situation. The rules issued by the organiser can be found on the page of each individual event. When purchasing a ticket, the visitor is presumed to have become acquainted with the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to comply with them.  

General provisions  

1. When purchasing tickets for the event and/or entering or attempting to enter the territory of the event, it is assumed that the visitor has become acquainted with these Terms and Condions and has undertaken to comply with them, as well as with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.  

2. During the event, only the organiser or his authorised persons may perform filming and photography. A visitor to an event (hereinafter - visitor) understands and agrees that he or she has purchased tickets for a public event, the whereabouts and activities performed by the visitor at and around the venue of the event shall be considered public and that the visitor's behaviour at the event cannot be considered private in nature. The visitor grants permission to the organizer of the event or to an authorised third party to use the visitor's name, image, similarity, activity and statements in any audio, video or photo fixation or other manner performed during, before or after the event without a time limit and territory restriction, in any medium or context currently known or available in the future without the visitor's specific permission and without any remuneration to the visitor or visitor's representative.  

3. It is prohibited to carry out any commercial activity in the territory of the event without prior written agreement with the organiser.  

4. Only people with valid tickets will be allowed into the event. Tickets must carried with the visitor throughout the visit of the event. Failure to show a ticket may lead to the removal of the visitor from the event area.  

5. Ticket could be invalidated if damaged, torn, or tampered with. Tearing down the QR code and ticket number of a physical ticket makes it invalid.  

6. The organiser may refuse entry to the territory of the event if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the tickets presented have been purchased from unauthorised traders or other unauthorised sources or if they have been copied or reproduced otherwise.  

7. The pre-condition for entering the territory of the event is the inspection of personal property, which is performed in order to ensure the safety of visitors. Guards may view both clothing, bags and their contents and other items determined at the discretion of the organiser, whether entering or leaving the event area.  

8. A visitor may be refused entry to the territory of the event if, in the opinion of the organiser, he or she is in an excessive state of intoxication.

9. Re-entry to the event area with a previously used ticket or invitation is categorically prohibited.  

10. A visitor may be prevented from entering the territory of the event or may be expelled without any compensation if the visitor refuses to leave the prohibited matters referred to in Paragraph 11. outside the concert area or does not agree to the inspection of personal property, as well as if, in the opinion of the reasoned guard:

10.1. the visitor's behaviour poses risks to the health and safety of himself or herself and other visitors;

10.2. the visitor affects the possibilities of other visitors to watch the concert/be at the event without hindrance;

10.3. the visitor affects the course of the event;

10.4. the visitor may damage or is damaging the property of the territory or organiser of the event;

10.5. the visitor violates regulatory enactments;

10.6. the visitor violates these or other provisions to be observed during the event.  

11. It is prohibited to bring into the territory of the event:

11.1. weapons and self-defence devices of all types;

11.2. smoke candles and any explosive and pyrotechnic articles;

11.3. fire-resistant, explosive, poisonous, toxic and corrosive-smelling substances;

11.4. highly flammable objects or substances;

11.5. umbrellas;

11.6. radioactive materials;

11.7. narcotic and psychotropic substances;

11.8. professional photo and video techniques (with a removable lens);

11.9. laser equipment;

11.10. large objects and bags (volume greater than 5 litres); 

11.11. all types of beverages and meals (regardless of packaging);

11.12. flying objects (radio-controlled, unmanned objects, etc.);

11.13. Selfie stick or self-packed;

11.14. any other object which, in the opinion of the organiser, may cause danger or disturbance to other visitors or to the course of the event.  

12. Notwithstanding the limitations referred to in paragraph 11, the organiser may impose additional restrictions related to security requirements.

13. It is prohibited to use attributes and banners in the territory of the event or to use chanting, expletives and gestures that cause social, racial, religious, national and interstate hatred, as well as indicate social, racial, religious, national and interstate superiority.  

14. In the territory of the event it is prohibited to create obstacles to the movement of visitors and participants, climb on barriers, railings, lighting devices, masts, carrying structures.  

15. It is prohibited to hold any political events in the territory of the event.  

16. It is prohibited to use such clothing parts, objects and behavioural methods covering the face of the visitor in the territory of the event.  

17. It is prohibited to smoke in the event area in places not intended for smoking. This restriction applies to all types of cigarettes, including e-cigarettes, vape, IQOS, salt, etc.  

18. It should be noted that in accordance with the laws and regulations, a child who has not reached the age of 16 may not be in a public place during the night (from 22:00 to 6:00) without a parent, guardian, foster family, head of a child care institution or a person of legal age authorised by them.  

19. The organiser shall not assume responsibility for the quality of the food, drink and other goods or services marketed in the territory of the event. This is the responsibility of the relevant seller or service provider.  

20. The organiser reserves the right to change the programme or presentation arrangements of the event if more than one group or artist is participating in the event.  

21. The visitor is aware that the sound amplifying equipment used during the event may cause additional hearing pressure, as well as that light equipment with a stroboscopic effect may be used during the event.  

22. The transfer of unauthorised items or any other items for storage to the service personnel or guards of the event is not intended and will not be ensured.  

23. Obligations of visitors:

23.1. to comply with these Terms and Conditions;

23.2. if an evacuation notification is heard, leave the territory of the event along the nearest escape route, following the signs or instructions of the guards;

23.3. to immediately notify organisers or guards regarding suspicious objects, signs of fire and smoke, violations of law and other security threats;

23.4. In the territory of the event, the visitor is himself or herself liable for his or her property, the organiser assumes no liability for any property that has been lost, stolen or damaged during the event. Any items left at the entrance/exit or with the guards shall be the responsibility of the visitor himself;

23.5. event attendance with animals is not allowed.

23.6. Any items that end up on the stage during a concert or behind crowd protective barriers will be confiscated and handed over to the law enforcement.