The band started as an indie/pop studio project of producers Janis Driksna and Rene de Vries (Dufry Music) by releasing their first single “Mysterious Lover” in Amsterdam (Holland), in the fall of 2011. However the success of the following singles such as “You Took My Place”, “Going All the Way” and “Ar Kuģiem un Lidmašīnām”, confirmed to the bands leader and author of music Janis Driksna that it had to be brought to a live audience as well. MyRadiantU has finished it’s work on their first studio album titled “The City of Love” which is ought to be released in October, 2015. As of the last two years MyRadiantU has gone from producers work in the studio to a duet of Janis Driksna (vocal and guitars) and his wife Ilze (vocal and piano) as well as supporting artists such as Didzis Bordo (bas, cover design) and Andris Kaulins (keys).


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