Burbuļu parāde 2024

Burbuļu parāde 2024
Burbuļu parāde 2024

We’re happy to announce that Bubble Parade is returning to Spring - the annual Bubble Parade will take place on Saturday, March 2, at Hanzas Perons.  

In addition to enjoying the best champagnes and sparkling wines imported in Latvia, the event will feature a Champagne Gala Party with extra fancy champagnes, additional musical surprises, and finally – your own favourite champagne bottle we’ll ask you to bring to the Gala! 

The Parade will take place from 17 to 21, while the Champagne Gala Party ticket holders will be able to continue to party up until 23.59.

Bubble Parade will feature more than 100 different champagnes and the most popular sparkling wines, as well as masterclasses by the leading Latvian sommeliers and Peter Liem (champagneguide.net, one of the world’s leading champagne experts)! Enjoy snacks & food by top restaurants (available for purchase), and plenty of other surprises from our partners Rietumu Banka, Electrolux, Audi, Spice shopping center!

Please note that although we’re planning Bubble Parade from 17 to 21 (plus Gala Party), there will be additional “Warm-up” Champagne masterclasses, right before the Parade at Hanzas Perons. Stay tuned for “Warm-up” masterclass tickets and info! 

When: March 2, 2024

Time: Bubble Parade (17-21), Champagne Gala Party (17 – 23.59, if you purchase Gala Party tickets)

How much: €79 (first tickets), €89 (approaching the festival).

Gala Party: €99 (first 50 tickets), €109 (next 50 tickets), €129 (3rd portion of extra 50 tickets). Please note, that Gala Party price includes both Bubble Parade (17 – 21) and Gala Party (21 – 23.59).

Where: Riga Hanzas Perons

Masterclasses: included into price (first come, first served)

Snacks and food: available to purchase from participating restaurants

Special bonuses of Gala Champagne Party ticket holders: entrance to Bubble Parade’s evening session + Gala Party (anytime from 17 to 23.59), special champagnes during the Gala Party, and a kind request to bring your own favourite champagne ! P.s. We’ll collect your bottles of champagne, keep them cool, and bring them to you during the Champagne Gala party. 

Burbuļu parāde 2024