Narrative feature film "The Lesson"

Narrative feature film, directed by Andris Gauja, 2015, 104 min.

The biggest success at the box office records in Latvia in 2014, The Lesson has been watched by more than 100 000 viewers so far. The DVD contains four extra scenes.

“Gauja's crafted debut feature is full of subtle observation and tingling tension.” /THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER/

A new teacher, Zane, tries to befriend the class she is mentoring, but she goes too far — at Zane’s parties and on her field trips, the border between the teacher and the students begins to blur and dissolve. When one of her students falls in love with her, Zane finds herself in a tangled web of personal conflicts.

Cast: Inga Alsina-Lasmane, Marcis Klatenbergs, Ieva Apine, Gatis Gaga, Liena Smukste, Marina Janaus, Andrey Smolyakov et. al.

Subtitles in English, French, Russian/Latvian.

9.99 EUR
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