TOP 100 WINES + CHEFS 2021

TOP 100 WINES + CHEFS 2021
Data Renginio vieta Laikas Kaina  
šeštadienis 13. Nov
Riga (Hanzas Perons) 17:00 49,00 EUR  
šeštadienis 13. Nov
Riga (Hanzas Perons)  17:00
49,00 EUR
TOP 100 WINES + CHEFS 2021

Top 100 WINES + CHEFS are returning to Hanzas perons, Riga’s premier venue! This event has proved itself to be the foodie & wine lover’s heaven – not only giving the possibility to sample the top 100 imported wines in Latvia, but also taste the signature dishes from the most exciting restaurants and chefs of Riga. 

What shall we taste?
Gold and Silver medalists or Top 100 wines of the Wine of the Year 2021 competition including everything from champagnes to whites, roses, reds and fortifieds.


What restaurants and chefs can we expect?
Barents + Ivans Šmigarevs
Kest + Māris Jansons
Riviera + Jevgenijs Liskins

What masterclasses during the event?
Special wines presented in masterclasses by Michael Schuster and Andrew Jefford – the world’s most respected wine critics and writers – in English. Please also expect stories from Aigars Nords, the founder of the festival and author of “Wine & Nords” book, and the leading Latvian sommeliers (in Latvian). 

When, Where, what time? 
Top 100 WINES + CHEFS on November 13, at Hanzas perons from 5pm to 10pm. 

Tickets:, EUR49 (during October), EUR69 (during November)


Please note: You will need a valid covid-19 certificate (completed vaccination cycle or illness) to present together with your ticket and ID (passport or ID card) at the entrance. If you do not possess a valid covid-19 certificate (for example, the vaccination process is not yet complete), you will not be able to enter the event, and no money will be returned. We thank you very much for your understanding!

TOP 100 WINES + CHEFS 2021