Audi Bubble Parade

Audi Bubble Parade
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Audi Bubble Parade

Dear friends,

Unfortunately due to force majeure we must postpone the Spring session of Riga Wine & Champagne festival, scheduled in Riga from March 31 to April 4.

We’ll probably enjoy the festival together once the spread of Covid-19 throughout the world and Latvia stops. We very much respect Latvian Government’s ban on all public events up to April 14, and let’s hope the situation gets back to normal soon.

We’ll announce the new dates of the postponed festival as soon as possible – each and every one of you, who had purchased tickets for april events, will have their entries transferred to the new dates. So please keep your tickets ready for when the new dates are announced!

Let’s cheer up, continue to spend on wine and restaurants as well as stay healthy by closely following the advice of epidemiologists!

We’ll meet soon!

Best regards,

Aigars Nords, founder of Riga Wine & Champagne.


Audi Bubble Parade