AHK Oktoberfest

AHK Oktoberfest
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penktadienis 16. Sep
Rīga (H2O 6 kvartāls) 19:00 30,00 EUR 18+ Pirkti
penktadienis 16. Sep
Rīga (H2O 6 kvartāls)  19:00
30,00 EUR
18+ Pirkti
AHK Oktoberfest

Together with the Bavarian music group from Munich    

Harthauser Musi    

We celebrate a traditional Bavarian Gaudi in Riga: with a brass band, German folk music and world-famous hits, enveloped by the smell of fresh sausages, with beer and party songs.    

Say cheers -  all over the hall and dance floor!    

  • Sparkling German beer all evening long
  • German wine and refreshing drinks 
  • Traditional Bavarian cuisine  
  • Gingerbread hearts and pretzels  
  • Roasted almonds and cotton candy  
  • Wheel of Fortune, packed with prices  
  • Vouchers as payment method  
  • Colourful and cheerful atmosphere  
  • Suprises during the event  
AHK Oktoberfest