Prāta Vētra "Skārda bungu tūre"

21.07.2018 - 17.08.2018
Prāta Vētra "Skārda bungu tūre"
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Prāta Vētra "Skārda bungu tūre"

The recent release of BrainStorm's new album “Par to zēnu, kas sit skārda bungas” is being followed up by 5 epic open-air concerts in Latvia.

Tour dates and locations

On 21 July, in Jelgava, in the Lielupe meadow opposite Jelgava Castle (tickets are also available from the box office at the Jelgava Culture Centre)

On 28 July, in Valmiera, in the Dīvaliņa meadow (tickets are also available from the box office at the Valmiera Culture Centre)

On 3 August, in Ventspils, in Reņķa Garden (tickets are also available from the box office at the Jūras Vārti Theatre House in Ventspils, cash only)

On 11 August, in Daugavpils, at the Lokomotīve Stadium (tickets are also available from the box office at the Daugavpils Latvian Culture Centre)

On 17 August, in Riga, at the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage

TICKETS for BrainStorm’s “Skārda bungu tūre” tour can be purchased on the eKase.lv website and from the box offices of various cities’ culture centres as well as at physical selling points, such as the info centre of the SPICE Shopping Centre in Riga (Lielirbes iela 29), at the RANDOMS music shop in Riga (Vaļņu iela 18) and at the Embassy of Latgale GORS in Rēzekne (Pils iela 4).

FAN AREA. Tickets for the fan area are available for all of the “Skārda bungu tūre” tour gigs. The fan area is located at the front of the stage and is divided into sides A and B. There are no fan area tickets left for the gig in Riga. 

VIP AREA. Tickets for the VIP area are available for the gigs in Riga and in Daugavpils.

In Riga, there will be a VIP (sold out) and a VIP2 (sold out) area for the two sides of the stands. The VIP and VIP2 tickets are identical. A ticket for a VIP area ensures a seat in the stands (no roof), a separate entrance in the concert area, a separate bar, and toilets close to the VIP area.

In Daugavpils, the VIP seating tickets have no special advantages. The VIP seats are located in the section with the best visibility.

CHILDREN  up to 6 years of age (inclusive), accompanied by their parents, can attend the concert free of charge. From the age of 7, a ticket is necessary.

DISABLED PEOPLE need to purchase a disabled person’s ticket. Their companion will receive a ticket free of charge at the place of the event, upon presenting the purchase number of the disabled person’s ticket and the disabled person’s identity card. A companion ticket is only valid together with a disabled person’s ticket. At the entrance, the disabled person’s identity card must be presented. If the ticket for a disabled person is purchased at one of the physical selling points, the cashier will also issue a companion ticket.

PROHIBITED ITEMS IN THE CONCERT: umbrellas, selfie sticks, photo and video equipment stands, foldable chairs, food and drinks, professional photo, video and audio equipment (except for with special permission from the event organisers), guns, sharp objects, pyrotechnics, laser pens, dangerous substances and objects, motorcycle helmets, skateboards and other active sports gear, pets.

CCTV and/or video cameras may be present in the territory of the event. Visitors of the event agree that photos, videos and/or audio recordings may be taken during the event, in which they may be filmed and photographed as a visitor of the event. Such material may later be used in any form, including for commercial purposes without the permission of the visitor.

The use of purchased tickets in advertising and marketing campaigns, including contests is FORBIDDEN. 

Entrance to the concert territory from 18:00, in Riga from 17:00

Special guests: the band Sudden Lights 20:00, in Riga 19:00

BrainStorm 21:00


Prāta Vētra "Skārda bungu tūre"