Leģendāras grupas KINO koncerts

Leģendāras grupas KINO koncerts
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Leģendāras grupas KINO koncerts

POSTPONED from 11.12.2021 to 11.06.2022! 

This is an unprecedented event - the KINO group has not gathered for 30 years! The basis of the program is the real voice of Viktor Tsoi, digitized from the original multi-channel recordings of CINEMA. The group includes two original bass players of a group of different years, Alexander Titov and Igor Tikhomirov, and permanent guitarist Yuri Kasparyan. The concert also features a drummer, keyboard player and rhythm guitarist. One of the creators and producers of the show is Alexander Tsoi, the son of Victor.

The concept of the project is to show how the performance of the KINO group can be in 2020, with good modern sound and stage production. Most of the material will be performed as close to the original as possible, but not without improvisations and new readings. Tikhomirov and Titov are each responsible for their period of creativity, late and early, respectively. Part of the songs will be performed by all six members together.

The two-hour concert will be accompanied by a specially created video sequence - an almost full-length film consisting of graphics, animation, new and archive filming. Video, light and music are synchronized into a full-fledged modern multimedia concert show. Victor Tsoi’s drawings, abstract Suprematism of KINO covers, newsreels, small documentary inserts, animated band members are some of the topics that will make up the visual part of the presentation. The video is being produced by Firecat Films.

This concert will be equally interesting to those who were lucky enough to listen to CINEMA live, and, of course, to those who did not dream about it. In addition to the voice from the master tapes, real keyboard parts will be used, which are not always well heard on albums. "We also use all the rare pieces of audio and musical sketches found during the preparation of the program in the concert," said Alexander Tsoi.

“We are grateful for your love of CINEMA music” - the group addresses the Russian audience. “Thanks to all those who have already bought concert tickets, we will see you in the fall. There are no more seats in the Ice Palace on October 31 and November 21 at the VTB Arena, the audience’s interest exceeded our expectations.

"For all our fans in Latvia and Europe, we announce a concert on November 11th in Riga. We are waiting for you in November at the Arena Riga!"

ATTENTION! Due to the fact that on the territory of the European Union the concert will be held only in Riga, and the potentially high interest and demand not only from the audience from Latvia, but also from Estonia, Lithuania, the Kaliningrad region, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain and other countries of the European Union, as well as in the future, a possible slight increase in prices -

We recommend that the Latvian audience do not delay buying tickets late.

Of course, the concert's advertising campaign will begin primarily in Latvia, but after a while it will be extended to other countries of the eurozone.

- The organizer of the concert in Riga is SMART EVENTS

Dear KINO group fans, we ask you to pay attention - the group’s fundamental position is that in case of an emergency in Latvia within the situation of COVID-19, the date of concert can only be MOVED, BUT NOT CANCELED, and all tickets purchased will be valid.

More information: http://www.smartevents.lv

Leģendāras grupas KINO koncerts