Čakras un Laiktelpas ģeometrija, Dr. Ulrike Granogere, Šveice

Čakras un Laiktelpas ģeometrija, Dr. Ulrike Granogere, Šveice
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Saturday 20. May
Jelgava (Jelgavas pils) 12:00 21.00 EUR Buy

The Chakras and the Geometry of Space and Time

An "interscalar" view of the universe shows a precise interconnectedness of the human body and the cosmos. The Keys of Enoch define the human chakra system as "space-time filters" and induction centers of consciousness experience. The hormonal glands of the human system are connected with an energy anatomy that can tap into other dimensions of space. This presentation will both look at hyper-dimensions and how we can think of them in terms of geometry, as well as at the functions of the Chakra system as seen from the perspective of higher-dimensional energy bodies. We will also go through a short session of meditation and energy induction.

”There are scaling theories of the universe that show that there is also an "energy anatomy" in the cosmos. This allows the consciousness to understand a greater inter-connectedness with all, and specifies how information transfer can happen from scale to scale (also related to Remote Viewing). It seems that the chakras/glands have a special function in this,” U. Granögger describes the basics behind the subject.

Ulrike Granögger is director of the Academy For Future Science in Europe and has been lecturing for 20 years on perspectives of bringing science and spirituality together based on best-selling book The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak.

Lecture in English, with translation in Latvian.

The ticket for this lecture is also valid for entrance in HELSUS festival on 20.05.